Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my steriliser be serviced?
Your steriliser should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and the Australian Standards. We recommend servicing every 6 months for dental and every 12 months for general medical.
How often should my steriliser be validated?
Sterilisers should be validated once a year. They should also be validated after they have been moved from one location to another. If you are renting a steriliser it should be validated upon arrival at your own cost.
Where should my steriliser be located?
Sterilisers should be positioned on a secure stable bench top with at least 20cm on all sides of the steriliser including the top and the rear of the unit.
What power point requirements do I need?
Most sterilisers require the standard 10 amp power point however some do require 15amp power points. Please call us to confirm.
What kind of water should I use in my steriliser?
Tap water should never be used in any steriliser. Distilled/reverse osmosis water should only be used.
Do I need to do a vacuum test & helix test on my B Class steriliser?
Yes. Everyday the steriliser is used.
Do I need to photocopy or scan the thermal paper printouts?
Yes. They will fade in time so a photocopy is the best way to ensure you are keeping all records. These are your legal documents – ensure you protect them.
How often should the chamber filter be cleaned?
The chamber filter should be checked and cleaned weekly.
Do I need to do a vacuum/bowie dick test on my S Class steriliser?
If your S Class steriliser has a vacuum test cycle then YES you must complete the test on the days it is used.

Daily Maintenance

All brands of sterilisers should have the following maintenance carried out daily:
  • Take a lint free cloth and distilled water
  • wipe the chamber
  • wipe the chamber face
  • clean the door gasket/seal

Never use any kind of cleaning products on or in your steriliser unless specified by the manufacturer.

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